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Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's been 7 months since you're with me. Oyet. What a silly name. The one who always greet me everytime I'm back from school with his "meow", the one who loves to snuggle with me whenever he's sleepy or hungry, the one who is always accompanying me when I'm studying in the midnight, the one who always distract me from study once in a while to make me rest, the one who always keep my smile on, the one who is always hungry, the one who I spend my allowance on his milk. The one that I treasure.

Yesterday, on 15th August, he's gone. I lost him. I searched for you when I got back from school but I didn't find you. I assumed that you're playing outside eventhough I was worried. A few hours after that, I found you. Unconcious, I thought you were sleeping so I tickled your tummy as I usually do. I was hoping that you would squirm out of annoyance as usual. But you didn't wake up. I was creeping out. It took a while for me to digest the fact that you're gone.

However, I had to accept the fact. It's such a great loss. I won't ever forget you. Yes, I'll be lonely after this without your companion. But at least you're in a better place now. Goodbye, Oyet.

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