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Saturday, September 28, 2013
Very Good.

Chubbier version of me after living in the hostel.

Hey, Assalamualaikum!
Eheh, three days prior to Block B's comeback. Mixed feelings. Excited with a slight pang of mental breakdown. The comeback showcase is going to be streamed live on Wednesday. I'd be in the hostel by the day BBCs around the world are spazzing and crying OR even flipping hard. And I'm practically sure that I'd be weeping hard from the lack of presence of Block B.

This is one of the moment which I wished I wasn't living in the hostel. The hostel is nice, of course. With the dormmates, seniors and certain classmates. But I can't help to miss my home sometimes. Home Sweet Home, duh. Eventhough I'd be practically alone, all by myself once I'm home. 

Cousin, Ain and the other version of chubby me.

Back to Block B. So when the pre-release song "Be The Light" was out, I had no clue about it. IT WAS RELEASED A DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY though. When a friend told me about it, I was like "Wow, a birthday present from Block B brohohohohoho." 

And when the title track's teaser was released earlier today, I was practically screaming and jumping out of my chair. They're clowns this time sobs. Explain how can a person watch a 20 seconds teaser for 200 times. Each of them looks super great, okay. Especially Zico. And Jihoon. And Kyung. And Yukwon. And Minhyuk. And Taeil. Woah I just listed all of them :3

People don't understand how excited I am for their comeback. After all of the ruckus and controversy. People once assumed that they will disband, twice actually. But nah, Block B gives us a better quality music every time people disregard them. They proved everyone that they deserved to be in the industry. 

Good luck, guys. Let's capture more hearts this time. 

Oh, I forgot about Jihoon's MV. He was so adorable in the MV. He was like all smiling and teasing the girl. I was practically squealing when I watched it. Lovable boy. His smiles are precious, okay. He is precious.
Once a BBC, forever a BBC. Don't ever come if you're going to leave someday. 

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